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Map of Cafealdon

Cafealdon is a large city in the Kingdom Of Anderithiel built where the River Rynd and the River Meath meet.

It is an important trading city and the seat of the Keymarche Family

Locations in and around Cafealdon

See the Cafealdon Map Key for details of specific locations


Draygen is a small village of friendly Gukhorin situated in the swampy area north-west of Cafealdon


Dunlassen is the ruins of an old, mysterious city located south-west of Cafealdon. Dunlassen was abandoned before Cafealdon was founded. Some say it is cursed. Certainly there are twisted creatures and foul undead living here.

Those that have explored the ruins, and returned, have bought back with them unusual materials and artifacts

Cafealdon Mining Town

Although Cafealdon Mining Town is officially part of Cafealdon, it is far away enough, and insular enough, to be considered an individual settlement

The Districts of Cafealdon

Districts of Cafealdon

Notable Locations

See also the Cafealdon Map Key